5 Stupid Habits That Will Destroy Your Future in 1 Week

When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and can't recognize yourself anymore?

You were trying so hard to pick up your own pieces on the floor. You did find some. But you were not the same person any longer.You're doomed to eternity and you knew it.

Trying is hard. Becoming is harder. Blame it on your habits.

No, not all your habits. Only the "stupid" ones. You know which ones are. Or probably not. Research shows that our habits define our identity. "We are what we repeatedly do", says Aristotle.

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Aristotle is the great Greek philosopher who has mastered the art of being the best in almost all crafts. Name it - logic, metaphysics, mathematics, physics, biology, botany, ethics, politics, agriculture, medicine, dance, and theatre - he aced it! His secret habit? Consistency.

A handful of millennials, nowadays, also have that "consistency" towards unhealthy stupid habits that ruin their supposedly bright future. The spotlight has turned off for them. They have lost passion and excitement in their crafts. They became robots - not because they chose to, but because it was too late for them to stop their brain from automatically doing the things it got used to. These are the habits that were formed because of the things they repeatedly did over the past 7 days!

All it takes is 1 week to dramatically change your future.

"I'm done with it. It's over." You murmured.

The moment you left the mirror, the habits haunted you.

You need to stop it right now because honestly, you are fighting the wrong battle.


Our habits are what make us unique. They tell other people who we are. But the judgment of whether we are developing a good or bad habit lies on the damage or benefit it might cause to ourselves, to other people, to the society, and even to the environment and animal kingdom.

If you are for instance, currently employed, these habits can make or break your career. Sure we all do have our own characters and behaviors. But just like your old man's saying, too much of everything is dangerous. Get to know the 10 Types of Employees You Will Meet in the Workplace.



I then scoured the web to look for some of the weirdest habits of famous people and found that:

  • Cameron Diaz feels the need to open every door she goes through with her elbows.
  • Megan Fox doesn’t flush the toilet after she is done with her business.
  • Stephen King sits down and eats a piece of cheesecake before he starts to write.
  • Sushmita Sen takes a bath on an open terrace.
  • Eminem completely covers his hotel windows at night so he can sleep in complete and total darkness.

Fascinating habits! But aside from their loyal fans - who cares, right? For as long as you're not the one to use the toilet after Megan does or Eminem's nyctophobic friend who had to sleep with him in the hotel, for instance, you wouldn't bother.



When do habits become "stupid"? And why do we call it as such? It's stupid when you know it's wrong and you keep on doing it anyway. You are fully aware of the consequences, yet you keep on saying "just this time, I'll let it pass". Next time you know, you've been stuck there for a long time unimaginable. When a habit becomes awfully uncontrollable, it transcends your lifestyle. Watch out for the five habits below! You might not acknowledge it, you might debunk my claims, but deep inside your skin, you know what I'm talking about.


A near naked woman wearing bath robe and pineapple
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This is a ton of rather raw and sensitive issue to discuss, thus a debatable topic by which no one side will ever win. Let me start by asking you why do you watch porn in the first place? I asked a lot of anonymous friends on this matter. Their response will blow your mind:

  • Can't wait for it. My flesh feels weak, dry, and shaky when I try to stop it.
  • I am just preparing myself for my future partner.
  • I can't perform my fantasies in real life, but porn lets me do it.
  • Porn makes me happy. I do it when I feel stressed out and lonely.
  • I don't need to find a partner. I can sexually satisfy myself through porn.

There are a lot of myths about masturbation and pornography. One argument says masturbation releases the happiness hormones - endorphins - that make us feel good and relaxed. But wait, is this the only way you can relax yourself? By imagining to have sex with someone who's not your partner, much worse if you're not in the right age to think about sex yet? Aren't you committing a crime in one way or another?

Think about it in retrospect. Pornography affects human behavior. It changes the way we look at other people's body. It destroys the very first sacred concept of "sex" - which is for "married" people only. It consumes our precious time browsing for pornographic materials instead of being productive on our crafts. It drives our sexual desire anytime, in the most inappropriate place once triggered. Worse case, it changes us and turns us into sexually compulsive beings.



Fabulous lady carrying lots of shopping bags
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Everybody wants to be appreciated. Everyone has this "secret desire" to be envied for what they have that others don't have. This could be a deadly habit if not terminated during the early stage.  According to the census performed by Centro, "an astounding 87% of millennials claim that their smartphone never leaves their side, including the 83% who sleep with their phone."

This is becoming a threat in ways that we ignore. You see today we live in a digital age - where everything goes fast and easily accessible. Digital advertisers take advantage of this technology. Through the constant use of mobile devices, most of the time we are not aware that we are being fed by thousands of ads as we scroll those newsfeeds and timelines! Those ads, "expertly exhibited and curated to reappear after we watched them", play with the unconscious part of our brain telling us that we need a certain item so badly because the sale is about to end. This what makes the younger generation financially broke.

As a rule of thumb to not go broke, do not spend the money that you don't have:

  • If you have to personally borrow money just so you can purchase a gadget that will not provide you a stream of steady income, ask yourself, "am I a social climber?"
  • If you will apply for a loan just so you can invest it in stocks and mutual funds or insurances, dump that idea! Investing is for those people "with real tangible extra money".
  • If you will cut your food budget just so you can buy clothes and apparels to please people you don't know with things you don't need, bang your head on the wall!



A guy addict in social media at night in the rooftop
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For a long excruciating year, I was a living slave of social media. I was browsing Facebook feeds from people I don’t personally know and I don't really care about and get envious of their achievements and the places they've been traveling to. As a result, I lost track of my goals and purpose of working abroad far away from home.  I became bitter and dangerously competitive, always not feeling well when someone my age and caliber would do better in life than I did - career, love life, savings, fame, and power. I forgot that I have my own timeline to write to. I forgot that I run my own track. I dried out of motivation. I felt left behind.

I decided after a year that it's over. That I need to wake up and man up. I sorted out my priorities once again. For all its worth, we all need to answer the "why's" whenever we are doing something. There should be a reason for wanting to do it badly. The reason must be compelling enough to keep you going straight the path. For "without vision, the people perish" says Proverbs 29:18.

I stood up my bed of depression, change the sheets to a blanket of hope, and did the following:

  • Unfriend people on Facebook I don't personally know. I don't want them to find out the most personal details of my life simply because they don't deserve to know.
  • Limit my social media interaction. Reply only to messages that are of value. Ignore messages that say nonsense. And don't reply to all notifications.
  • Stop believing in everything I see in social media. That's why it's called social media - all people from all walks of life can post and repost on it (sometimes without using their brain). Shakespeare once said, "not everything that glitters is gold". In other words, not all posts with thousands of likes, comments, and shares are true and worth your time.



A business leader belittling the abilities of his employees
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This is a great insult to intelligence. In fact, it's a huge disrespect to our brain cells! Pun intended. Neurons in our brains were created to keep on moving everywhere. These are exceptionally specialized nerve cells that transmit information all throughout our body. By hampering any opportunities for new knowledge and learning, we are limiting the growth of our brains!

What do I mean by this? Pretending to know everything just so you save yourself from shame or being laughed about, is a dumb habit. So what if you don't know something? Doesn't cost you your life! Let a day pass and the world forgets about it. All of us are a bit foolish at some point in time. If you will only open your eyes to a wide horizon of opportunities out there, you will realize that being "wrong" at something is nothing compared to a load of experience you could learn to not commit that same mistake again.

Instead of pretending to be a person who knows-it-all, why not do the following steps below to at least closely become one:

  • Commit yourself to feed your brain regularly with healthy information: read a book, watch news of current events, join and contribute to knowledge-based forums.
  • Learn a new skill to avoid being bored in life: a new language or a musical instrument.
  • Get out of your room and meet real people outside. Converse and make new friends.
  • Travel to a lot of places - local or international - you'll soon be amazed by the fact that you're not the only person in the world. This is learned better through personal experience.
  • Eat healthy foods! Your brain will not function well on an empty stomach, duh!



A soccer prayer kneeling down on the bench to pray
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I don't care if you're religious or an atheist. If you don't believe that something, someone powerful out there has created everything out of nothing, then that will be a big problem for you. Living a life full of yourself is nothing worse than scratching your own scab believing it’s the only way to heal the wound. Living a life without a divine connection from above will eventually make us feel empty.

Whatever things we fill that hole with inside our heart - money, power, friends - we will never be satisfied. Nobody can explain this. It's something bigger than you and me. I know you can feel it too. You just don't want to believe in something you can't see and can't prove. But take note of this, if you can measure and quantify the existence of God, the god you are thinking is not worth worshipping because he will be limited and definite. The God that I know is not like that.

This habit of prayerlessness will not give you peace of mind. It will always tell you that you can have everything you want, but in reality, you can only be as useless as a log in the middle of the ocean - strong, independently floating against huge currents - but without direction. If you want to change this habit, start small and do the following:

  • List down the things you should be thankful for.
  • Write your prayer requests in detail and put a check mark for each answered prayer.
  • Expand your prayer items. Graduate from selfish prayers. It's time to pray for other family members, friends, your country's government, and even the war in other nations.
  • Start each day with a simple prayer (e.g. prayer for protection, guidance, wisdom)
  • Meditate a short verse in the Bible, memorize it, and apply



If the skeletal system is the framework of our body, habits are the foundation of our lifestyle. Nobody wants to live a life that will eventually lead to nothing. The five habits above are warning signs that will put our efforts in jeopardy.

Cut those habits off while there's still time. You have the power to choose - that's the most unselfish power God has given us - the free will. Now the chances for you to live a better life have been laid out, would you choose not to?

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