Why Do Stupid People Create the Most Money?

Guess what? Novelty items such as stress balls, Rubik’s cube, mouse trap, and Newton’s cradle were all invented by stupid people. I think we all should ask ourselves what kind of brain, then, do we have?

Good thing to know stupidity can make a person do something else! This is backed up by Martin Schwartz’s research published in the Journal of Cell Science (2008). Our brain, when excessively wired up, reroutes its connections to protect itself from self-destruction.

Source: Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash

The end product is a witty invention that seems useless 10 years ago, but eventually finds its meaning and supremacy in the Novelty Industry.

The world today has enough trouble of its own.

People like you and me, don’t need another Hitler or Einstein to make serious matters even more complicated. Sometimes a pinch of humor and a drop of clever message encrypted in lyrical satires can make a depressed person live a bit longer.

Stephen Key is a living testimony of this. He is prominent in the Novelty Industry for licensing over 20 products in the past 30 years. I was dumbfounded when he shared how he turned his $10,000 worth of idea into a marketable seasonal novelty gift. He was selling his ideas to a company named “Applause”. This company asked him about his input on a Valentine’s Day item that can be sold in grocery store counters for a couple of dollars. Stephen gave a one sentence response after some time saying, “Plastic arrow with suction cup and the statement ‘I’m stuck on you’”.

Why would someone buy a disposable novelty item like that? I don’t care. It’s romantic. It makes people feel loved, remembered, and valued. And oh, in case you forget, that sentence costs 10 grands. Does it sell after Valentine’s? Of course not, but there are plenty more holidays ahead to think of another fresh new gift item.

This website shows a wide array of peculiar novelty items that are handy and quite intriguing. Below are just few of the exciting items they have in store:

Sometimes, to create a million-dollar product, one must lower his guard down.

In the field of novelty items, big names such as Walt Disney, Hallmark, American Greetings, Card Factory, and Spencer Gifts are widely accepted by their market ever since because more than the product they sell, they touch souls. They mend broken relationships. They rekindle memories of the past. They are the keepers of unspoken secret conversations.

Maybe I’m right  when I said that stupid people create the most money; because they don’t settle for the status quo. They continue on creating and innovating small things that matter. In the US alone, novelty and souvenir store industry generates an annual revenue of $19 billion from the 23,000 stores (2018).

Perhaps, we too, should cash in from our spongy brain and convert those crazy stupid ideas into novelties that will put a smile on planet Earth?

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